kogeneracja_01One of the most effective ways to convert the chemical energy of the primary fuel into a heat and power is combined production of energy called cogeneration. Cogeneration systems are becoming increasingly popular. They are based on gas engines or gas turbines with outputs from tens of kilowatts to tens of megawatts.

The advantages of cogeneration systems:

  • High overall efficiency in the range of 80-90%
  • independence from external suppliers of electricity and heat
  • compact design, the possibility of placing in the container
  • possible use of different gas fuels (natural gas, biogas, gas accompanying oil production, coal mine gas)
  • low levels of emissions – NOX, CO
  • positive environmental effect due to the low CO2 emissions
  • the possibility of obtaining funding for projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions
  • reliability – the availability of over 90%
  • the ability to produce a variety of media: electricity, hot water, steam, cold and CO2 for fertilization in greenhouses
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