Other services

Inspections, repairs and maintenance of associated equipment

Our activity is not limited to the gas engines. We also work on the rest of the system based on a gas engine. We include inspections and repairs of generators together with an assessment of the technical condition, inspections and repairs of natural gas compressors, gas path inspections, inspections of equipment and electrical installation, inspections and maintenance of associated equipment on installations such as pumps, heat exchangers, valves, etc..

Borescope services

Professional borescope with movable prism and the ability to enlarge the image allows us to accurately diagnose each tested item. Installed camera allows to record video and submit a complete dossier to the client. Often borescope tests are connected with the assessment of the technical condition of the equipment and the preparation of expert reports.

Filling the oil and coolant
We offer filling services, also including the delivery of lubricating oils and coolants.

Examination of the engine oil and cooling liquids

With the delivery of lubricating oil and / or coolant or on a separate order, we offer tests of waste lubricating oil and coolant with an assessment of the suitability of the substance for further use and evaluation of its impact on the operated installation.

Test of the fuel gas quality

To ensure proper maintenance and take any preventive measures we offer laboratory composition analyzes of gas, the results of which we present with a comment containing especially recommendations for the quality of the gas and its impact on the operated device.

Evaluation of technical condition and technical advice

We offer a comprehensive assessment service of the technical conditions of gas engines with technical advice as to the further operation, particularly in the case of operational problems, changes in operating conditions, specified equipment repair operations, compensating irregularities operation, etc..


We offer development of the expertise for users of gas engines on the damages of the operated devices. Skilled and experienced expert will diagnose and assess each type of damage and / or abnormality.

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