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Sabroe HicaHP and NS HPAC

The NS series are the highest efficiency heat pumps using ammonia as a refrigerant. Designed to recover waste heat or support industrial processes, that require simultaneous heating
and cooling, they provide high temperature top source water – up to 95°C.


The basis of the NS series heat pumps is a high-pressure version of Sabroe screw compressors made of ductile iron. This design guarantees exceptional reliability and longevity of these units.


An important advantage of NS-series devices is that they can be configured to meet specific operating requirements. A wide range of options allows for a customized solution. The unit can be defined as a single, two or three-stage unit to provide heating power up to 13,000 kW.


The unit economically meets the need for simultaneous cooling and heating, while providing a high COP.

In this range of heat pump systems, 13 standard models are available with heating capacities from 300 kW to 2,700 kW.

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