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Sabroe DualPAC

The Sabroe DualPAC heat pump consists of two combined units: ChillPAC and HeatPAC. The modularly integrated unit features a compact design and makes it possible to achieve high temperatures – up to 90°C with attractive operating economics.


DualPAC is a two-stage, high-temperature heat pump that uses ammonia as a refrigerant. The modular solution provides high flexibility in terms of configuration, as it allows the use of all standard ChillPAC and HeatPAC models.


DualPAC is a heat pump that works perfectly with the low temperature of the lower source and enables the delivery of a high temperature parameter in the upper source. The optimized design of the heat exchangers affects the minimum amount of refrigerant and ensures the highest possible operating efficiency.

The DualPAC heat pump range includes 17 different models with heating capacities from 400 kW to 3000 kW.

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