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Heat pumps

Fenagy heat pumps use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant and cover a wide range of heating capacities – from 300 kW to 2000 kW. As multi-compressor air-to-water or water-to-water units, they provide a stable source of high-temperature heat – up to 90°C.

The use of a parallel compression system reduces the electricity consumed by the compressors, the use of ejector technology allows some of the energy to be recovered during refrigerant expansion, and the installed regenerative exchangers increase the thermal efficiency of the entire system.

Proprietary evaporator de-icing algorithms (in the case of air-to-water units) based on actual measurements minimize the amount of energy required to properly perform this process. Variable-speed compressor drives ensure smooth regulation of capacity so that heat production always meets demand. As a result, Fenagy heat pumps are distinguished by their high COP over a wide range of lower source temperatures and excellent flexibility of operation in terms of varying operating conditions of the upper source. Fenagy units use components from only well-known and recognized manufacturers such as Bitzer, Dorin, Danfoss and Güntner.

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