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Waukesha VHP Series 5

Waukesha VHP series engines of rich-burn type combine modern advanced technologies an 50 years of experience with VHP platform. Available engines with output of 1416 kW and 1119 kW provide 13% more power, better fuel flexibility, over 10% lower fuel consumption, 20% lower lifetime costs and 30% longer service intervals.

Improved Fuel Flexibility + Efficiency

Ensure more power in more fuels and 10% lower fuel consumption.

Up to 22% Lower Operating Costs

With 30% longer service intervals and reduced lifecycle costs.

Intelligent Controls

Through the ESM2 engine controller to provide step-by-step troubleshooting and Asset Performance Management (APM).

More intelligent gas engine operation…

Compering to previous version, serious 5 VHP gas engines can provide higher power without increased stress on engine components. It is possible thanks to improved Miller cycle reach air/fuel mixture combustion, modified cylinder head and updated piston design.

Miller cycle used in Waukesha P9394GSI combines work of piston and turbocharger lowering combustion and exhaust gas temperature making L7044GSI S5 the most fuel efficient VHP engine ever.

Modified cylinder head design improved reliability and extends lifetime by lowering internal temperatures up to 40%.

Series 5 Waukesha VHP piston design was improved to reduce unburned hydrocarbons, lowering emissions as well as fuel consumption. The piston itself operated in lower temperatures what increasing engine possible fuel range regardless of increased power output compering to previous models.

Improved ignition system allows for increased spark plugs replacement interval to 4000 hours using inexpensive metal spark plugs. Combining it with oil change interval reduces operational and travel costs.

…and not harder.

Model L7042GSI S5 with 1119 kW output has the same displacement and is constructed of the same parts as L7044GSI S5 with 1416 kW. It means that L7042GSI S5 does not have to work as hard what reduces engine loading improving reliability and increasing service intervals. L7042GSI S5 is the most flexible VHP engine in history.

Model L7042GSI S5 has no fuel feed limit and can reach full power of 1119 kW running on fuels with LHV up to 85,9 MJ/m3 at ambient temperature up to 49°C. Fuel consumption is usually more then 10% lower and lifetime cost around 20% lower compering to previous models. With Waukesha L7042GSI S5 it is certain that engine will provide full 1119 kW of power and fulfill emission limitations, when operating with 3-way catalyzer.

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