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Waukesha VGF

For nearly three decades, the Waukesha VGF engine range has consistently operated under extreme conditions, with versatile applications ranging from power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive applications.

All Applications

Available in 6-, 8-, 12- or 16-cylinder models, the VGF performs under extreme conditions to serve both power generation and gas compression applications.

Prime Power Generation

Longer service intervals deliver continuous power and reduce costs associated with maintenance, labor, parts and unplanned downtime.

Backup Power Generation

A variety of natural gas options provide cleaner burning emissions and a more consistent and reliable source of ongoing power in longer outages.met,

If you run stationary and mobile gas engines with spark ignition, the durable, compact Waukesha VGF diesel engines are designed for you.

  • A turbocharger for operation at high altitudes above sea level, which allows you to work up to 1676 meters above sea level. in some engines burning a lean mixture and up to 1524 m above sea level. in some engines burning a rich mixture.
  • The ability to quickly change the load ensures optimal operation.
  • Versatile configurations for different levels of fuel pressure; available with suction for low pressure or expansion for fuel with higher pressure.

We also offer wide range of Waukesha product upgrades.

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