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Waukesha 275GL+

Waukesha 275GL+ is the most advanced generation of high power engines in gas compression business. Combining solid construction and innovative technology, 275GL+ engine can operate on lean mixture ensures perfect fuel flexibility, efficiency, power output and emissions, guaranteeing high output. 275 GL+ can be trusted to prove high availability and cost effectiveness in each year of operations.

Lower Emissions

With the ability to operate on a variety of fuels and load profiles, improved fuel efficiency leads to low unburned methane and CO2 emissions. In addition, lower greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller carbon footprint than competitive engines reduce the effect on the environment.

Improved Operational Efficiencies

A low compression ratio piston design coupled with larger turbochargers and fuel flexibility, allow for higher power ratings. Maximize throughput with the 16-cylinder model, rated at 5,000 hp, and a 12-cylinder model, rated at 3,750 hp.

Advanced Controls

The ESM2 engine controller integrates engine functionality into a single, closed-loop system. Directly monitor and manage air/ fuel ratio control, wastegate control, turbocharger bypass control, ignition timing, and knock detection to make data driven and informed decisions.

Designed with oil and gas industry high requirements in mind, Waukesha 275GL+ by INNIO is proper choice for reliable energy generation for oil fields and related gas works.

  • More power with more unconventional applications based on fuel gas, including full load operation with fuel LHV between 22,4 MJ/m3 and 85,7 MJ/m3
  • Engine 275GL+ provides power and efficiency, directly improving financial results.
  • 16 cylinder engine capable of 500 bhp (3728 kWb) and 12 cylinder version capable of 3750bhp (2796 kWb).
  • Model 275GL+ and it’s advantageous fuel efficiency assures low unburned methane – greenhouse gas that has 25 times higher environmental impact then CO2 – minimizing carbon footprint and environment impact.
  • Engine Management System (EMS) significantly simplifies engine configuration and operations.

We also offer wide range of Waukesha product upgrades.

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