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WAUKESHA gas engines

Waukesha gas engines offer high performance even under heavy loads, and also allow the use of various types of gas. They are the perfect solution for reliable energy sources and can operate efficiently in isolated, critical and demanding environments. They are versatile and durable, and meet the emission requirements around the world. What is more, the EPA certification allows them to be used also in places where diesel engines have been used so far. This translates into a reduction in costs and emissions.

Waukesha reciprocating engines are the right choice for both rich and poor mixes. They combine advanced technology and solid construction, thus ensuring high availability and profitability in each subsequent year of operation. Particular models differ in terms of structure, functionality and purpose. Waukesha engines are available designed to meet the high demands of the gas and oil industry, as well as stationary and mobile gas engines for continuous and instantaneous power applications. Ferox is a supplier of both the engines themselves and complete compressor sets, powered by these engines.

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