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1997 1997
Establishment of Ferox Energy Systems Sp.zo.o.
1998 1998
Signing of a Representative Agreement with the Swiss company TURBOMACH, a supplier of cogeneration systems based on gas turbines.
2004 2004
Delivery of the first cogeneration systems with gas engines (Waukesha, Jenbacher). Establishment of the Service Department – the first gas engine service in Poland.
2005 2005
Signing a Representative Agreement with Waukesha. The contract is successively extended
2013 2013
Singing a Representative Agreement with Jenbacher. The contract is successively extended (currently until August 2023)
2021 2021
The new headquarters of the Company due to the dynamic development of the Company and expanding the organizational structure
2022 2022
Ferox Energy Systems Sp. z o.o. has sold our 100th Jenbacher engine

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