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About us

Ferox Energy Systems
– get to know us

Ferox Energy Systems sp. z o. o. is a company that has been operating in the industry since 1997. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of cogeneration and trigeneration systems based on INNIO Jenbacher gas engines. We focus on modern solutions supporting the heating industry, energy and various industries.

We integrate existing sources, networks and installations with modern solutions, which translates into economic and ecological effects. 25 years of gaining experience in the process of energy transformation and the development of distributed energy has made us a leader in the industry of cogeneration systems based on gas engines.

Cogeneration technology integrator

Comprehensive design and engineering management.

Thanks to continuous improvement Ferox can not only provide best in class engines but also integrate them into one system, tailer made for specific customer needs.

What we do?

Ferox Energy Systems Sp. z o.o. provides comprehensive management of projects and engineering works. We support clients at every stage of their investment – starting from a feasibility study, through system design, delivery of main components, to construction works, I&C, technological systems and their service. Our competences also include the current service, system repairs as well as the performance of inspections and repairs of system components.

Thanks to continuous improvement processes, Ferox is able to provide not only the highest-class gas engines, but also to integrate them into one reliable system, tailored to the needs of the customer’s facility infrastructure, enabling not only the production of heat, but also cooling and water vapor or CO2 recovery.

What makes us different?

Active development and continuous improvement

Thanks to a INNIO Jenbacher DISTRIBUTOR status and cooperation with The National Centre for Research and Development and Institute of Aviation in Warsaw we are active participant in development and improvement of gas engines. Our customers are amongst the first to have access to new and tested technologies introduced by INNIO Jenbacher.

Knowledge and longtime experience

Innovative solutions, the use of high-quality components and high assembly culture enable the offered engines to be powered by various types of gases (from natural, through biogases, to hydrogen) in a wide range of their calorific value. Our knowledge, experience and competence are confirmed by numerous references of satisfied customers.

Active and competent advisory

We are active members of the Polish Heating Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of the Gas Industry and the Chamber of Commerce for Energy and Environmental Protection. We actively participate in the role of experts and advisers.

Ready for new challenges

It is worth mentioning that Ferox Energy Systems is a mother company for other associated businesses including Ferox Automation. That company focuses in designing and building electrical systems and controls for our solutions.

Cogenerating of electricity, heat and cold allows for obtaining funds from EU, pro-eco institutions and organizations as well as public subsidies, what is the best recommendation for such systems. That comes to our strong side and competitive advantage, which is multi-field expertise allowing for tacking challenges in different energy generation aspects.

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