Biogas engines are applied in sewage plants, landfills and biogas plants. The main advantages of using biogas cogeneration are: financial benefits, energy saving and lower emissions.

Our offer provides Jenbacher and Waukesha cogeneration units. Most popular solutions for biogas are Jenbacher cogeneration units with power of 527, 637, 835 and 1067kW, what is highlighted by the number of installed engines (~2500) and their  installed capacity, which is almost 2.000.000kW. For biogas installations, where due to the access to the fuel gas the engines with capacity of less than 400kW are required, we offer the cogeneration units with power efficiency of over 40%.

In addition to the delivery, we offer assembly, commissioning, project management and authorized warranty and after-warranty service. The annual performance of serviced engines by our company exceeds 8.000h.

The important biogas parameter is hydrogen sulphide content. During the combustion process in the internal combustion engine hydrogen sulphide in contact with water vapor, present in the exhaust gases, produces e.g. sulphuric acid, which has the negative impact primarily on the exhaust system components life such as the exhaust gas heat exchanger. However, a portion of the exhaust gas with sulphur content also escapes into the crankcase engine which leads to the degradation of the lubricating oil that results in increased operating costs. In case of biogas engine power with the increased hydrogen sulphide content, we recommend and we can install the biogas treatment systems that will ensure safe gas engines operation.

Jenbacher J320 engine, with power of 1067kW

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